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Your Turnkey Rental Property Maintenance Provider

In the real estate investment world, having great tenants makes your life easier. Professional landscape maintenance makes your life easier and those great tenants happy. For the past ten years we have provided high end landscape maintenance to Downtown Toronto homes. Our goal is to make you look good to your tenants and eliminate a bit more of the hassle involved with owing a rental property.

Here are some things we think you will appreciate about us:

  • We are extremely responsive. We have a full time office team and will return all calls/emails within 4 business hours.
  • Flat rate pricing. We can give you a quote for entire 12 or 24 month maintenance plan.
  • Details matter. You’ll feel really proud of your property when you drive by or pull up to it.
  • Monthly payments mean you can easily manage the cash flow of your rental property.
  • Automatic Billing Monthly either by VISA/MasterCard or Post-Dated Cheques
  • Quarterly property reports.
  • We refuse to promise more than we can deliver. You can take any promises from us to the bank.

OH and of course we are insured and have we have general liability insurance and are fully WSIB compliant. We just don’t feel thats anything special.

We work with a wide range of individual owners and property management companies like: Mekler, Real Property Management, LandLord Rental and Property Management.

Our Simple 100% No Risk, Can't Lose, Awesome Service Guarantee

If we let you or your customers down in any way and can't immediately fix it, we will pay a competitor (even an expensive one) to do it for you. Nothing is more important to us then the satisfaction of your end user.

If they aren't happy it doesn't just make us look bad - it makes you look bad. We simply cannot let that happen.

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