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Lawn Grooming (Weekly/Bi-Weekly)
Ever wanted to have the lawn that your neighbours envy? – of course you have! Lawn grooming is our signature service and is designed to pull out all the stops to take your lawn from ordinary to extraordinary. Sure our service includes some fairly basic and  ordinary things like mowing, trimming, and cleaning up after our selves. But what really separates a Mr. Mow It All cut from the rest are all the small detailed things we do. Whether it’s sharpening our blades every single day or using a bade edger to edge around all hard surfaces, you can trust that we are astute professionals when it comes to grooming your lawn.  Click here to learn more.

Gardening (One-time or recurring)
Life is too short and proper gardening takes time. If you want a professional gardener to handle your garden for you, then Mr. Mow It All is the company that can help you. They are able to do the things that are too laborious or too complex for you to handle. Our gardener’s don’t only only weed, cultivate, trim, prune, and deadhead – but are also able to provide you with advice and recommendations for building your garden.

We are able to actually provide you with the best lawn on the street – instantly with our sodding service. Abraham Lincoln was once quoted as saying that if given 6 hours to cut down a tree, he would spend the first 4 hours sharpening his chainsaw. We apply a similar approach when it comes to sodding. While the end result looks great – it is the preparation and planning that leads to long term success. Click here for more information.

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