Anatomy Of The Mow-It-All Cut

A new blog launches with a peek at our signature service.

Our signature service and the one we know that clients return for again and again—here we break down why we think it’s the best.

If your property is your castle, then we are the knights in purple armour that wish to win the honour of keeping it looking its best. But what makes us stand out? Here’s a rundown of our battle plan so you can judge for yourself.

Clients love our service because it’s easy to set up. Just message us online or give us a call and we’ll get back to you right away with an estimate.

Our website provides a sense of the approximate cost by lawn size, but when you contact us, we actually use Google maps satellite images to measure your exact property for an even more accurate estimate on the cost of your service.

You can also ask about adding on any of our other services, from gardening to shrub trimming to fertilization. Feel free to note anything special about your property and we’ll tell our team to look out for it on their visit.

We recommend biweekly visits, and we’ll keep in touch via email and charge you after the service.

No-contact service

Since your services are arranged in advance, we don’t knock on your door and you don’t need to come out and see us. That’s particularly essential in these days of the pandemic, and even in regular times it’s better safety-wise if you let us do the work solo (we have safety goggles for ourselves but not for you). In fact, you don’t need to be there at all!

We park our truck or environmentally-friendly bike cart at your place, then check over your property to make sure there aren’t any obstacles to our mission, then we get to work. We ask you to tidy up in advance and clear any toys or objects (ahem, dog droppings) so we can do the best job on your lawn. And please make sure that you leave any gates unlocked so we have good access to your property.

The Mow-It-All cut

Ah, the crown jewel of our service. But what makes the Mow-It-All cut so sublime? Prepare to think more about your lawn than you ever have before as you read this:
Extra sharp blades: Do you care that we sharpen our blades every 10 mowing hours? You should. Dull lawnmower blades tend to cut raggedy edges, practically ripping the grass from its roots rather than a clean, crisp cut. Bet you didn’t know there was such a massacre happening on your lawn when the amateur from down the street cut it! The lawn can get brown tips and this mistreatment also can lead to disease and other weaknesses. Anyway, if you’re wondering what makes for such an even finish on your lawn, this is part of the secret.

Precision grass height: we cut to a standard mowing height of 2.5 inches in the heat of summer. The reason for this standard height is that we find it provides the best “levelled” look for your lawn. It’s also a good height for watering: any shorter and the lawn dries out more quickly. This height tends to be the least stressful for your lawn (yes, lawns have personalities!), and stress can cause all sorts of ugly elements including dry patches, fungus and the dreaded dandelion.

More about grass mechanics because we love the topic so much: Basically, we’re trying not to remove more than one third of the grass blade at each mow. So, while we have a standard height, in the heat of summer, we might leave it a bit longer (say, 3 inches) for the health of the lawn. In fall, we might go a bit shorter to 2 inches, as the lawn prepares for colder weather. Of course, we are also at your beck and call on this one: if you request a specific height, then we will comply. If you have been distracted and let your lawn grow out of control (don’t worry, we’ve rescued plenty of negligent castle-owners), then we can cut a little higher, too.

Edging (cue slow motion walk): If you’ve ever flipped through a home and garden magazine and found yourself squinting to figure out what gives the lawn photographs that defined look, it’s not photoshop—it’s edging. Edging is that subtle confidence for your lawn, the slow-motion walk that you see in movies when the heroine rounds the corner with her posse. A blade edger is a tool that we use where the grass meets concrete and results in giving your lawn that crisp look. Okay, so it didn’t take that long to explain, but you have to see it to notice how impressive it is. You will not want to go back to a disgraceful, non-edged lawn after seeing this service.

String trimming: Kind of a letdown after describing edging, but we also do other things to add to the polish on your lawn. Near obstacles like trees and shrubs, we use a string trimmer, and we cut
a bit longer so that we don’t risk burning or scalping the grass around them.

Extra touches that would impress any squire
Unlike some services, we are not just “mow, blow and go”—we actually take pride in making your property look tidy. We blow lawn clippings back onto your lawn, or bag them at your request (but it’s actually best for the lawn if they are put back, as the clippings provide extra nutrients). We also remove weeds and leaves from any interlocking bricks and your curb line.
At the end, we check the property over, to make sure it looks good and we haven’t missed anything. We even take a photo of your lawn for our records—that’s how proud we are of the work we do. Sometimes we even put them on our fridges at home.

Happy customers agree

How do we know the Mow-It-All cut stands out? Because customers tell us. We blush so much we almost clash with our purple tee shirts. In the words of one recent five-star reviewer, “they were prompt and the service was terrific. They actually did way more than I expected (cut grass, did the weed eating, raked, bagged). They were quick, professional and the lawn looks great! Their sign-up process is also helpful and easy. I can’t wait for them to come back.” Aw, thanks!
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