Professional Gardening

If your home is your castle, then your gardens are its crown jewels.

Mowitall Professional Gardening

Professional Gardening

Flower bed maintenance, gardening, landscaping, planters

Mr. Mow It All

Mr. Mow It All has provided professional, reliable, local urban property care since 2006. We are fully insured and offer a NO-RISK guarantee.

Hire our reliable property care specialists
If your home is your castle, then your gardens are its crown jewels. And our gardeners want to help you keep them looking their best! Whether you need a helping hand for those never-ending weeds, or an experienced eye that knows the difference between an impatien and an alyssum, we offer a range of gardening services. We also save you serious time by taking care of all your garden maintenance.

Our experienced gardeners take care to consult with you and recommend flowers and plants that will look great in your flowerbeds and planters. Or if you have ideas, we are happy to make your vision a reality. We also return at regular intervals to ensure your garden is tidy and weed-free.
We’re at your service, so you prioritize your gardening schedule – our specialists will work on your garden to-do list in your requested order and we never go over time unless you tell us to. When our clients see the purple shirts in their yard, they know their gardens are in good hands. Their ongoing referrals is proof that we’re doing the job right!

Our service process

When our knights in purple shirts arrive, you know that your castle is about to get the Mow It All treatment. Our gardeners have the skills to make expert suggestions, or simply carry out your vision for weed-free flowerbeds. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Before we arrive, we ask you to remove any hazards, obstacles, or dog
    droppings from the garden
  • Our crew of 2-3 trained horticulturalists arrives with all necessary equipment
  • Our gardeners are happy to consult and recommend appropriate flowers and plants
  • You prioritize your gardening schedule – our specialists will work on your
    garden to-do list in that order you request and consult you before going over time
  • We clean up your hard surfaces so everything looks tidy and bag it up at the end (yard waste bags and removal available at an additional charge)

Pricing & Signup

To keep things simple, gardening services are billed on a time and material basis. We bill at a rate of $85.00 + HST per person per hour. For example, if we send two gardeners out to your property for 1.5 hours you would pay for a total of 3 hours (2 people * 1.5 hours = 3 hours). Any other materials (including plants and yard waste bags) are extra as well.

Why do we bill on an hourly basis?

The purpose of billing per person hour is to allow our clients to have the most flexibility in deciding how much to spend. It also keeps us from under-bidding/over-bidding work. Many service providers simply “eyeball” the work and then give you a price. Which means they often times bid higher to ensure they do not underbid work. By billing hourly you pay only for the time we are servicing your property. We use commercial quality, well maintained equipment for the most efficient service possible and our employees are trained to keep on task while performing per man hour work. What this means to you is that for every man hour we are on your property you are getting the most value for your dollar. If at any time you wish to stop the work being performed, please feel free to do so, and we will stop billing immediately. In addition if you would only like us to spend a certain amount of time on your garden please let us know. We have found that most clients prefer this method of service vs. the “guesstimate” method of quoting work.

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